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Video Installation at Emily Carr University, 2010

“Everywhere and All at Once” is a loop video projected on a 3’ x 4’ table. This video reveals four people, two males and two females, all wearing red nail polish and playing mahjong. The viewers are encouraged to sit on the chairs to experience the installation.

In this video installation, I am trying to blur gender boundaries through providing a communicating environment for viewers to experience new roles both in virtual and reality in a playful way. Because the viewers are encouraged to engage this piece by sitting on the chairs, they become extensions of this installation and the game players as well. However, the viewers might pause for a moment to think about which chairs they supposed to sit, which chairs they belong to, or which players they want to be. Nevertheless, no matter the viewers are males or females, (or perhaps we all have a little male or female inside), they all ultimately unite into the players in the video and become one.

Chun Hua Catherine Dong©2010


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