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25 minutes at Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Canada

I ask audiences to stand in a line and take off their shoes. I go to an audience, hold his/her hands, look his/her eyes and I say “I LOVE YOU” without sound. The audience can only figure out what I said through the movement of my lips. After I realize that he/she understands what I said, I knee down to his/her feet and kiss them. And then I moved to another audience. The actions of saying ” I LOVE YOU” and kiss an audience’s feet are repeated.

This piece is also performed on streets in Vancouver, please see the video link above.

photo credit: Denise Gaudreault


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Make-Myself-at-Home-Chun-Hua-Catherine-Dong-With artwork

Make-Myself-at-Home-Chun-Hua-Catherine-Dong-with painting.jpg

3 hours at Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Canada

At Graduate Exhibition opening at Emily Carr University, I wore pyjama,  walking around in the exhibition space, posting myself beside art objects with eyes close or inserting myself into a group people who were having conversation with eye close. i stood there and sept silent as long as I could.

photo by Lorenzo Pepito
Chun Hua Catherine Dong©2009

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