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Phoenix--Chun-Hua-Catherine-Dong-01Chun Hua Catherine Dong performs at Articule Montreal: two females wear masks and touch each othersPhoenix--Chun-Hua-Catherine-Dong-06Phoenix--Chun-Hua-Catherine-Dong-04Chun Hua Catherine Dong performs at Articule Montreal: two girls kiss each other while wearing masksPhoenix--Chun-Hua-Catherine-Dong-10

Two females show affections to each other while wearing masks, and then one pinches another one’s back until her back turns to dark red, finally, they put their feet into two buckets, which one is filled with ice and another one is filled with hot boiling water; they stay in the hot and cold water as long as they can until they cannot feel anything anymore.

performed at Articule on April 25th, 40 minutes, performed by Chun Hua Catherine Dong and CYranova. photo credit: Laurence Cheveux- Courts


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