step 1. pinch my forehead until there is red dot appears

step 2. use a spoon to scratch my neck until there is red line appears
step 3. draw a pink circle on my tummy
step 4. spread paper with gold motif to audience
step 5. pour ink on my back from a tea pot
step 6. shoot myself with ink

photo credit: Tongyu Zhao.

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each time i travel to a new city, i take photo of myself lying in front of historical and tourist sites, coved by a silk corpse sheet.


Two beds face each other, one is covered with peanuts, another one is empty, I start to shuck peanuts and leave peanuts’ shell on the empty bed . When audiences come, they are invited to shuck peanuts with me, eat peanuts seeds while leaving peanuts shells on the bed. Peanuts can be taken to home, but shells must be left on the bed. Audiences participate both in my presence and absence.

performed eight hours at Hamilton Artist Inc,. in Hamilton, Canada

photo credit: Caitlin Sutherland

cut Before Cutting_1_0537cut-2composition_1_0316


Before Cutting_1_0679

i collected used stuffed animals, taking portraits of them, and then i cut their mouths, taking portrait of them, finally, i sew different mouths into different animals, taking portraits of them




i collect stuffed animals, cut their mouths one by one, and then sew different mouths into different stuffed animals

May 23-June13, 2015

photo credit: Viku Chan




step 1: introducing my perfumes: Channel No 5, j’adore, and La vie est belle
step 2: telling stories about my life related to shame
step 3: asking three well-known artist, curator, and collector to spray perfumes on me while audiences were repeatively shouting ” art must be expensive! shame shame shame”
step 4: trying to sell all my clothing and my body, finally my shirt was sold: $50, my camisole was sold: $60, my belt: $40, pants: $30, underwear: $80, shoes: $80, and my body ( sold for one night) : $70. TOTAL INCOME: $410 USD

it was performed at Grace Exhibition Space in New York, photo credit:Quinn Dukes McDivitt


each time i travel to a new city, i take photo of myself lying in front of historical and tourist sites, coved by a silk corpse sheet.


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